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The Sunshine Quotient®

The Art of Self Craftsmanship: Taking the time to to find your inner strength, nourish yourself inside and out, whether it be in times of calm or a storm, takes nothing away from anyone else. It allows you to create a greater ability to offer more to yourself and then to others.


Focus on your attention and your breath.


Learn to evaluate your own brightness and adjust it.

Go Inward

Treat yourself as your own best friend.

Open the Mind

Open up the mind to more opportunities and creative solutions.

I want to show you how fun focus can be!

You can be your own Thomas Edison, focusing your energy into your own level of light.  Just like Thomas Edison discovered the electric light by directing energy, you can discover how to focus your internal light.

"Catherine is the real deal. She's a real Lady With The Lamp." Carole Shelley
"Catherine Chadwick is a woman of high integrity, honesty, conscientious and focused. She is driven to accomplish her goals and to support others in the achievement of theirs." Lynn Reed, RN
Catherine – an insightful, spirited, and creative woman with a remarkable wit that can evoke surprise laughter at one’s self even in serious contemplations. Her humor is medicine. Naomi Nightingale, PhD
"Catherine Chadwick is sunshine personified. She radiates light, beauty, energy, wisdom, and love for humankind. Her presence is powerful even without words. But when she speaks, we listen in rapture." Dr. Janet Dewart Bell

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