What's your Sunshine Quotient?

The choice is yours...it's all about The Art of Self Craftsmanship™

"Catherine Chadwick is sunshine personified. She radiates light, beauty, energy, wisdom, and love for humankind. Her presence is powerful even without words. But when she speaks, we listen in rapture." Dr. Janet Dewart Bell
Catherine – an insightful, spirited, and creative woman with a remarkable wit that can evoke surprise laughter at one’s self even in serious contemplations. Her humor is medicine. Naomi Nightingale, PhD
"Catherine Chadwick is a woman of high integrity, honesty, conscientious and focused. She is driven to accomplish her goals and to support others in the achievement of theirs." Lynn Reed, RN
"Catherine is the real deal. She's a real Lady With The Lamp." Carole Shelley

Ryan R. Niemiec, Psy.D., has written several books and numerous articles, and describes, “The Mindful Pause as the best mindfulness exercise most people don’t know.”

Lisa Feldman Barret, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscientist, “You are not at the mercy of your emotions. The bottom line is that emotions are not built into your brain at birth. They are just built.”

What an opportunity for taking a moment for self reflection, self examination, even applying a bit of self compassion when needed……..learning about that all the while basking in the feeling of the natural element of energy of the sunshine.

We are energy beings. Make yourself bright!

There’s so much more to your life than helping someone else live theirs……..

Learn the Art of Self Craftsmanship™.

Learn the art of body physics.


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